I finally got to experience the tundra for real! I’ll actually pat about the botanical highlights when we return but for now I thought I’d leave you with th these pictures I took from the top of a mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park.

A late summer update

It’s amazing what buying a house will do to your free time/will to blog. I’m so busy that I keep forgetting to even think about posting. Well I have stone time and a new, faster phone so let’s see if we can make this at least something resembling a habit!

Spring Spring Spring Spring SPRING!!!

I’m really kind of too tired to actually post anything of any substance but everyone likes pictures, right?  Pictures!

Spring Update

Things are doing some growing around here!   After an absurdly long winter, it’s so exciting to actually see green…and pink..and yellow and every other color that’s deciding to show itself!


I’m mostly pleased with how the woody plants have done.  The Disanthus died down to the parts that were below the snow line, as did the rhodie but then again President Roosevelt is only supposed to be a zone 7 plant and the parts below the snow line survived so I can’t complain.  The garden is puttering along at its own rate…slow but steady.  I’d complain but the weeds are also moving at a snails pace so there are some benefits, eh?  I wish I had more to say but quite frankly the pictures speak for themselves, and we all know what gardening is like so I’m sure you don’t really care about the nitty gritty details of moving random things around.  Or maybe I’m just cranky.  Oops.

Not at all planty…

But still fun!  My friend Lisa is in town for the weekend for C2E2 (comicon) so we’re doing fun touristy things too!  Since we’re staying in a hotel downtown we decided to go to the John Hancock Tower for drinks. I decided you guys should get a picture. Enjoy!


Garden Update!


I finally scavenged some stone to use as stepping stones! Someone I know was getting rid of some limestone slabs, so naturally I had to take them!  I’m sure having these giant slabs of lime sitting around the garden will really help with my high pH problems (sarcasm alert!), but they looked too good to pass up. Now if only the plants would grow so I could see them with the new path… and yes, before anyone asks, I will be partially burying them to hide the right angles and soften the overall effect

Oh jeeze


You know home depot…if you have to move giant piles of snow to set up our outdoor nursery it’s probably too early to set up your outdoor nursery. Also if it’s still dropping into the teens at night… not good either.  ::sigh::

Spoke too soon…


I guess Mother Nature didn’t want us to see bare ground after all…

The Thaw Is Starting!


For the first time since December we have bare ground!!!

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day (I Remembered!!!)



DSC01883  I don’t REALLY have much blooming in my house so I thought I’d show off the two arrangements I made for Valentines Day, and the Oncidium ‘Sharry Baby’ and Hippeastrum ‘Bogota’ that I recently acquired cuz OMG FLOWERSSSSSS!




These two pictures are of my true Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera x buckleyi) that I got from Mr. Subjunctive in a plant trade a couple of years ago.  This is the first year it has bloomed for me, and I’ve had a fairly constant stream of blooms since the first one about a month ago.  At the moment there are about 7 blooms on it.  Yay flowers!


I know it’s not much but it’s better than nothing!  Plus all the cut flowers are making things feel somewhat tropical and lord knows how badly we can use that here!


For more Garden Blooms check out May Dreams Gardens!


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